No Girlfriend Comics was a project I worked on with my friend Brandon Sheffield, who had recently gone through a break-up. The comic shows what all of us experience after a break-up at some point or another, only with words from Brandon’s brain which are funnier and better than what the rest of us can come up with in our heads. You can read his introduction below!
Hey, what’s up, I’m brandon. A few months ago I had to break up with a lady, as often happens with dudes and ladies, but I can’t say I was particularly happy to do it. It left a very specific person-sized hole in my life, and I felt unmoored, for quite a while. I was adrift! I was a slug. I was apathy personified. I was also, it may not surprise you to learn, relatively unhappy at times.
I thought to myself. “Self,” I thought, “Self, you are ridiculous.” And it was true that I was. To celebrate my new-found understanding and to figure out a way to retain a bit of perspective on my slothful drifting, I started to write some little vignettes about the dumb sadness tricks my brain perpetrated on me during this time.
Dami Lee, having the ability to draw, and also possessing a firm understanding of ladies (having been one her whole life), seemed like the perfect choice to turn these dumb things into tiny comic strips for your reading bemusement. And so it is. We released one of these every Monday, starting in June or so, and now the series is complete.
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