Dami Lee is a Seoul-born, New York-based artist and writer. She is the author of Be Everything At Once (Chronicle Books, 20

Webtoon – As Per Usual

From 2016-2021, I published a twice-weekly comic called As Per Usual for Webtoon.

Tokki Soju

I was commissioned by Tokki Soju to create a comic in Korean and English to promote the brand on Kakaotalk Gifts.

Estherlovesyou x NTWRK

A Good Day In New York, 18″x24″ print with embossed signature I had the honor of participating in artist Esther Ki

Jamesy Chili Crisp

Logo and branding for Jamesy Park‘s chili crisp!

Left on Read – ThredUp Earth Day campaign

For Earth Day, I teamed up with fashion resale site Thredup to redesign secondhand T-shirts that made a statement about clima

Dig Inn x Insa

I was commissioned by Dig Inn to tell the story of how their latest dish in partnership with Brooklyn-based Korean restaurant

The New Yorker

“Lizzie McGuire” Episodes Deemed Too Adult for Disney+ A Korean-American Cartoonist’s Winter Olympics Anxiety My Fir

LA Times

What Does Your H-Mart Purchase Say About You? Onion hacks: a Korean father’s tips and tricks for maximum efficiency Dalg

Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters

Bean & Bean commissioned me to draw a comic about their mission to give back to the environment!

Veggie Dog – Korean American Artists Collective

Veggie dog, 5×5 holographic print. Created as part of the Jeong Portfolio for the Korean American Artist Collective (KAAC

Be Everything At Once (2018)

Why do things in moderation when you can just do everything?