Be Everything At Once (2018)

Why do things in moderation when you can just do everything?


Dami Lee is a Seoul-born, New York-based artist and writer. She is the author of Be Everything At Once (Chronicle Books, 20

Webtoon – As Per Usual

From 2016-2021, I published a twice-weekly comic called As Per Usual for Webtoon.

Tokki Soju

I was commissioned by Tokki Soju to create a comic in Korean and English to promote the brand on Kakaotalk Gifts.

Estherlovesyou x NTWRK

A Good Day In New York, 18″x24″ print with embossed signature I had the honor of participating in artist Esther Ki

Jamesy Chili Crisp

Logo and branding for Jamesy Park‘s chili crisp!

Left on Read – ThredUp Earth Day campaign

For Earth Day, I teamed up with fashion resale site Thredup to redesign secondhand T-shirts that made a statement about clima

Dig Inn x Insa

I was commissioned by Dig Inn to tell the story of how their latest dish in partnership with Brooklyn-based Korean restaurant

The New Yorker

“Lizzie McGuire” Episodes Deemed Too Adult for Disney+ A Korean-American Cartoonist’s Winter Olympics Anxiety My Fir

LA Times

What Does Your H-Mart Purchase Say About You? Onion hacks: a Korean father’s tips and tricks for maximum efficiency Dalg

Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters

Bean & Bean commissioned me to draw a comic about their mission to give back to the environment!

Veggie Dog – Korean American Artists Collective

Veggie dog, 5×5 holographic print. Created as part of the Jeong Portfolio for the Korean American Artist Collective (KAAC